Arjun Yadav


My name is Arjun Yadav, my interests lie in effective altruism, computer science (more specifically in web development, machine learning and AI safety) and writing on my blog (which includes my interesting reads series).


Some of the projects I've worked on in my life that I'm particularly proud of are (in reverse-chronological order):

My Donations

These are all my donations to effective charities, guided by GiveWell.

Date Amount Charity
09/01/2022 13.61 USD GiveDirectly
09/01/2022 13.61 USD Against Malaria Foundation
Website Statistics

This map showcases countries that have contributed to the overall web traffic for between Apr 18, 2022-May 18, 2022.

Data from CloudFlare. Original SVG was created with gallpeters (a project I made). Last updated May 18, 2022.

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