Arjun Yadav

Interesting Reads - April 2022

Apr 30, 2022

Fox - OpenAI

Credit for the image above.

Note: This post was created on May 01, 2022. Apologies for being a day late. I've still kept the date as the end of the month for consistency's sake.

I log everything I read in Notion. This month I read 1 book, 48 newsletters and 18 articles.

Here are some of the highlights of this month!


  • The Most Important Century by Holden Karnofsky - This series of blog posts explains why the 21st century is the most important century for humanity. It takes a deep dive into the economic reasons why this is the most important century, digital people, transformative A.I. and the bio anchors method, among many other things. This book explains all these concepts clearly in a much less technical way, instead relying on examples, analogies and illustrations. I feel this should be the first "LessWrong type" book recommended to new folk.